Tribute to Mrs Catherine Maria Ighile (1932-2017) @ Service of Songs


How do I document the deep feelings, psychological stream, emotional sessions and the mental-soul plate-cubicle we shared together?
How do I articulate in graphic terms the dreams we both captured, and most of which we jointly realised? How do I extrapolate the Oluku dynamics that we were still strategizing within the framework of your home call?

From the protective and tender defence of a star baby in the late 60s in Benin City, the moonlit stories in the early 70s at Okada, the warmth and motherly drive in the late 70s at Siluko to the melon-breaking logistics at night to keep the young scholar awake and reading in the early 80s at Ignobazuwa, it was a classical story of a mother eagle, preparing an eaglet for the topmost platform.

At Saint Saviour, concept turned into daylight
What a pain it was at the beginning…
Your daily domestic labour coupled with the New Market Business dramaturgy, turned you into an adorable heroine
Then came the varsity days at Ibadan in the 80s when bags of garri, rice, beans and yams slept in the belly of Edo Line Transport Service
The sweat was hot but vision and motherly love made it sweet

For me, Mama, you went back to the kitchen again in October 2014
The Dr. had returned after 28 years of sojourn in the West Internal…
Your JOY was contagious and infectious…
How can I stretch this nightmare out of the terrains of stark reality?
How can I? How can I?…
Yet, in all, I bow to you, Mother Maria
I bow to your depth of knowledge that transcends chemical education
I bow to your practical wisdom that generated hope in a thick cloud
I bow to the confidence you displayed in our elastic relationship…
Yea I celebrate those last weeks of yours that you chose to share with your Dr. Director/Orator/Rector Boy and family…
Toast to a woman who confronted tradition to stay glued to her husband even when it was an affront to comfort, reason and status
Salute to a creative entrepreneur who flourished with several business opportunities but hardly enjoyed any for the comfort of the children and the stability of her home.
Bravo to a mother who was ready to give it all…and all she truly gave to all who needed to soar through her prayerful shoulders
For you, I shall hoist the flag. For you, I stand!
Adieu, Iyenogie, Iyenomose, Iye ne gualoya


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