Learning is a life-time process. This means that there is no limit to what one can and should know. I thank God all the sessions in this summit.
-Prof. Lawrence Kolawole.
My life has been impacted positively by this programme. Glory be to God.
-Rev. Ola Oladejo.
I bless God for this event. It has helped me to understand the true meaning of leadership and how to motivate the younger ones and draw great illumination on the dynamics of an eagle.
Prof. Olalere Adeyemi
This summit has helped me to reactive what I am currently doing; it has sharpened my focus and has made me a better person. I bless God for the organizers.
-Chris Akinyemi.
Praise God, I have been helped by God through this event to realize and appreciate better that all the experiences add up to my overall story and glory in life. Thy polish my curriculum vitae , and not just the job opportunity I am exposed to.
– Oluremilekun Makinde
I bless God for this summit because it took me back to the early 1980s and the power of old- time religion. I now know more than ever before that God and His choicest people are still in Nigeria. Glory be to God.
-Moses Abraham-Lawani
From the opening prayer session, I knew in my Spirit that I was in the right place. Pastor Tominiyi Oni’s lecture was awesome. And when Daddy Odeyemi came up, God took us to another level. God bless Pastor Ighile and the organizers.
-Olubunmi Oluseye Folasade.
I learnt from today’s programme that in the journey of life, I should see myself at the top and depend on God’s grace and apply the given principles. And that the sky can be a starting point.
-Sister Esther Olajioye
The strategic leadership summit has made me a changed leader. In fact, orientation as a church and public leader has changed radically and positively. I now see the world in a new perspective. –Bro Daniel Igono.
For me, it is a summit in line. It has unfolded to me again God’s intention for my life. I bless God for the conveners from my heart. God will sustain you in Jesus Name.
–Bro Leke Oluwalogbon
Glory be to the Lord for this programme that has been an eye-opener for me, made me to see far into my future and created opportunities for me to discover purpose and fulfil God’s mandate. –
Sister Elizabeth Akinyemi.
My orientation about acceptable leadership has been greatly modified. The revelation that houses are not built from the roof but from the foundation established in me the truth the need for leaders to to stick to real life / core value.
-Bro Obichima Okeke
God used the summit to change my mindset for the better. The Almighty delivered me from the spirit of fear at the programme and gave me boldness to advance in the journey of life. Praise God.
The Sister Mercy Emmanuel.
I am glad I made it to this programme. I had actually looked forward to the programme and I am not disappointed. I really appreciate God for the lives of the conveners for heeding to the call. Glory be to God.
Sister Adenike Soyinka
The programme has really changed my orientation, been an eye-opener, and soul lifting. This is a summit that leaders should not miss for anything. For me, it has been a retreat that will soar higher than before.
– Pst (Mrs) Joy Ocholi
I have been blessed by this summit by showing me how to be a good resource manager, a strong leader. I learnt how to make God my source of inspiration.
-Dcns Temitope Ashaolu
This summit has given me a wake-up call to understand that I am unique and in class of my own because I carry the nature of God. By this summit, the leadership quality in me has also been aroused and I will surely go home with qualities that would mould into a great woman.
-Sister Ifeoluwa Egbeyemi
I have been enlightened by this summit in the area of dedication, divine service and the need to emulate the eagle. I bless God.
-Sister Mary Etti


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