God designs Three Schools for Eagle-Leaders-Pst Odeyemi By Daniel Olowookere

God designs Three Schools for Eagle-Leaders-Pst Odeyemi
By Daniel Olowookere
A member of the Governing Council of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and Special Assistant to the General Overseer on Education and Training, Pastor E. A. Odeyemi has observed that God designs three schools for his children, namely the school of nature, the school of life and the school of super-nature.( Job 38: 1). According to him, those who really excel in leadership and life operate these levels, advancing from one to the other. In his words” Until you rise from nature to the super- nature and begin to see what others cannot see, you cannot be ahead of them’
He made the above observation at the May 2014 edition of the strategic leadership summit organised by Strategic Leadership Academy in conjunction with Scripture Communications Network. According to Pastor Odeyemi, who is also the Vice President, Administration and Evangelism, Christ the Redeemer’s Ministries, to be an eagle leader, you must first understand what leadership is all about. .Leadership is an influence process. It is not just an influence. To be a leader, you must know that God is going to use you to influence other people. Leadership is purposeful and it is beneficial because it exits to satisfy the common good and not the whims and caprices of an individual, he concluded.
While welcoming the participants, the convener of the summit, Pst. Dr. Mark O. Ighile noted that it was time for leaders to move beyond rhetorics and begin to demonstrate the eagle-like qualities of limitless flight, clear-cut vision, raw courage, strength and discipline. According to Pastor Ighile, who is also the Coordinator of the Department of Christian Religious Studies, Redeemer’s University, such an empowered lifestyle would make the leader stand out in a crowd, be outstanding in a group setting and become the show piece of an enlarged community.
The first speaker at the summit, Mr. Tominiyi Oni, who is the HR Director, WAMCO, Lagos, examined What Executives Look for in People. According to him, executives are in desperate need of people with vision/purpose – imagination (Pro. 28:18), those with a sense of planning (LK. 14:28). Leaders look for people with intellectual curiosity – those who hunger to know and have the ability to ask questions. Leaders are in search of quality service delivery, excellence and not mere quantity. (Heb. 11:4). Leaders crave for problem- solvers, not problem escalators. Those in authority go all out for creative and proactive people like Daniel, David and Joseph in the Bible among others. Leaders respect diligence, perseverance and resilience in people. Great mentors are looking for wise men and women, who would dare to be different, even if they make occasional mistakes In , his words:. “It is better to be approximately right than to be precisely wrong”.
Highpoint of the summit was the induction as fellows of the academy and presentation of awards to Pastor E A Odeyemi, Prof L B Kolawole, who chaired the training session and Mr. Tominiyi Oni.
While goodwill messages were taken from Prof. Adeyemi of DSSD, Redeemer’s University who spoke on the impact of the convener in the chapel; Dr. Obademi, of the University of Lagos who reflected on approved leadership and Pst. Gabriel Akinlade, of RCCG Lagos who observed that every meeting attracts specific blessings, strategic prayers were coordinated by Pst Dare Ajayi of RCBC Headquarters, Rev. Ola Oladejo of Hundred Fold Ministries, Lagos and Pastor Ebenezer Adekotujo of Open Heavens Parish, Redemption Camp.
Participants were drawn from the academia, the gospel ministry and the corporate world of the Ibadan-Lagos axis.
Bro. Daniel Olowookere is of the Post Graduate School, University of Ibadan.


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