SECTIONI thank the Almighty for this summit. He has God really used the programme as an anointing finger to touch and correct many things in my life. I am blessed.
Sister Temi Esther Damilola
It was a great privilege and opportunity to be at the summit. I was extremely blessed. I particularly enjoyed the topic on the mystery of greatness. Thank God for the organisers of the event. May the Lord increase them in wisdom.
Bro Chrels Divine-thought Hanson

The programme has made my direction clearer and my vision precise. The summit is an eye opener to what greatness means and how one can appropriate it. I thank Master Jesus that i made it to the venue.
Bro Onalaja Adeniyi

I am short of words by the ministrations in word. Thank God for His presence at the summit.
Pst Gbenga Akosile

It has been a great encouragement and an improvement for me. The very first leadership summit I attended on publishing where Dr. E. L. Adebayo gave the keynote address was fascinating. I was greatly blessed.
Mrs Dorothy Otuechere
The summit serves as a forum to re-focus on God’s purpose and re-direct one’s life in the light of this purpose.
Adepoju E.A
I have been really blessed, Halleluyah! I now have to reflect on my Christian life regarding the leading of the Holy Spirit in all that I do. I bless God for the conference.
A/P (Mrs.) Boladale Oguntunde
Truly, in the area of preparation and approval, I have been made to understand that I must get approval from God after I have been divinely prepared both spiritually, physically and mentally.
Ijezie Izuchukwu Chiemezie

The summit has really blessed me and has addressed a pressing issue that bothered in the past. Blessed be the name of the Lord
Olorunsola O.
The summit has helped me to know what leadership is all about and some mistakes leaders make and how to avoid them. I am grateful to God for the lives of Pastor Mark Ighile and his team.
Abraham Chinedu Chime

The summit has helped me in discovering that being a leader takes a process. I also discovered that leaders are not necessarily born but made. This inspirational meeting will make me go out and start my own process of becoming a leader.
Oje Martha O.
The composition of participants challenges one to greater frontiers and stimulates research. God bless the facilitators.
Pastor Joseph Olutunmida
The summit has helped me to discover myself and some things I need to do in order to become what God wants me to be.
Anazodo Ifedinma
I have learnt what true greatness is. One must be a child of God before he or she becomes a man or woman of God. Great insight indeed. Glory be to God.
Oviroro Ighogene Gold
It has been a great time and of divine touch and impartation
Adedeji Ademola
Learning is a life process. I thank God for the summit. It has greatly been beneficial in terms of enriching my knowledge and learning from others.
Lawrence Babatope


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