• The October leadership/ministers’ summit has given me a new insight into how to build according to the divine pattern. Glory be to God…… Pastor Adewale Aderibigbe
• Put simply, this special programme has imparted my life and ministry greatly. Glory be to God. …..Pst. Mrs. Oguntunde Boladale
• I bless God for this ministry and summit. It has opened my eyes into areas that I need to work and focus on…… Sis. Victoria Adesanya
• God really used Evangelist Helen Adejare to bless me at the conference. Her ministration on building process was striking to me. Other vessels also touched me. Thank God for the ministry of Pastor & Mrs Ighile…….. Uwakibe Jessica
• This October summit is a tremendous blessing to me. I particularly enjoyed the talk on the building process and divine specifications. Great encounter. Very transforming experience. Blessed be God…… Adekoya Adebayo
• This is my first time attending a summit organized by this ministry. What a great privilege to be here. The ministrations have really blessed me….Adebajo David
• Before this programme, I thought I could do anything without carrying my wife along. But God has used the various ministrations to let me understand that in building ministry, business and life, our spouse is central. Thank God for Strategic Leadership Academy….Isaac Andrew.
• I can see the blessings of this summit in every area of my life, particularly ministry and marriage. I can now understand why I need Jesus to be my foundation as well as my master builder….Afolo Angela
• What a great honour and privilege to learn from established mentors and to know the vital place of leaning on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ …Onnuka Suzan
• This summit has truly increasedme. It has made me know what I need to do in building my life and ministry, and in becoming a great leader. Thank God, I came…..Confidence A
• I used to think that I was right with the way I was approaching some issues. Now I realize I was totally wrong. I have learnt what to do in order to end well in life. It is now very clear to me that in everything I do, I must do I must follow the steps of Jesus. Moreover, the mentors to be respected are those who are examples of the Master Builder. What a great summit!….Atakere Nwachukwu
• The strategic leadership conference has empowered me to be creative. I have also come to realize that God is involved in everything about me. I thank God for the organizers of this meeting…..Agbolamagbin Peace
• One of the major gains of this leadership and ministers’ gathering is that it has greatly improved my knowledge in the areas of marriage and relationship…..Bello Oluseun
• Glory be to God for this strategic programme. I was richly blessed by the different talks. …Hanson Divine-thought


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