Reporting the October 2012 Strategic Ministers’ Summit


The Director/National Coordinator of the House Fellowship System, Redeemed Christian Church of God Pastor ‘Tunde Oduwole has urged those who desire to be successful in business, career /academics and marriage to know divine specifications on how to succeed where others fail. According to him, the principles for overall success and victory in life include vision, professionalism, hard work, planning, persistence, responsibility and the centrality of God in every thing one does. The Director, who also doubles as the Vice Principal (Administration) of the Redeemed Christian Bible College, gave this admonition while delivering a lead paper at the Strategic Ministers’ Summit held at Bethel Place, Redemption Camp on Saturday 13th October, 2012.
Earlier in his welcome address, the convener of the summit and president of Strategic Leadership Academy, Dr. Mark Ighile, gave a conceptual framework for the conference. While illustrating with the scriptures, the essence of building to God’s pattern, the University don cum pastor stressed the need for the participants to follow biblical instructions for life and living. According to him, several questions are critical to the gathering. Some of which include the following: Can God depend on us for his Church -building project? Does the master builder know us? Do we hear Him when he speaks? How sensitive are we to the instructions of the master builder? Are we building or destroying lives…? He then challenged the ministers to be true mentors and not tormentors; to be godly mothers rather than stylistic murderers.
Also ministering at the summit on the topic “The Building Process” Rev. Mrs. Helen Adejare, President of Dominion Ministries Ibadan, who used Gal.1:15 and Luke 14:27-29 as part of her Bible references, itemised the procedures for building ministry, marriage and career to include a clear idea of what is to be built, quality materials for building, appropriate tools, which means the word of God, knowledge in terms of expertise and skills, people, germane to constructing a structure, divine help, which comes from God, and the finishing, which brings out the true beauty of a structure.
On building a Christian home, the international evangelist gave the following tips: Know your ministry, define your objectives, set goals, focus on your calling, study to show yourself approved, depend on the Holy Spirit, train and work with a team; be romantic but keep it cool, say sorry to your spouse when you’re wrong, express appreciation for each other, know what not to talk about, pray together, make decisions together, get involved in the service of the Lord together and submit to one another.
The next speaker, Bishop Roland Peters, President of International College of Ministry Ibadan, who ministered on the topic: “Behold, the Master Builder” emphasised, using ICor3:10&11; Eccl.10:10 as his scriptural basis, that since we are called to build something worthwhile, we need the grace of God, wisdom, care and the guidance of the master builder to succeed, adding that no other foundation can be established except that which is already in place by Christ Jesus.
He then went ahead to present laws that graphically reflect the life and ministry of the Master Builder. They include the following: The Law of Solid Ground: Jesus valued and built ‘trust’ as the foundation of leadership. The Law of Connection: Jesus touched a heart before He asked for a hand. That is, He made a connection with the people first before asking for their support- Luke 8:22-4 The Law of Empowerment: Jesus was so secured as a leader that He gave power to others .The Law of Reproduction: It takes a leader to raise up a leader. In Mat.28:18-20 and IITim.2:2, Jesus finished training His twelve and then told them to train others. The Law of Priority: Jesus taught us that activity is not necessarily accomplishment. He narrowed Martha’s to-do list to one key priority-Luke 10:38-42. In Mk.1:32-38, The Law of Sacrifice: Jesus the master builder demonstrated that. If you want to be great, you have to serve-Mat.20:20-28. Jesus willingly laid down His life for His sheep.
The Law of Explosive Growth: To add growth, lead followers but to multiply, lead leaders. Jesus trained and sent leaders. The Law of Legacy: A leader’s lasting value is measured by suc cession. Success without a succession plan is failure. Also, success without a successor is failure-Acts 17:1-6. Family Relationship: Jesus valued family relationship and built friendship around his vision. Even at death, Jesus commanded John the beloved to take care of His mother Mary-Jh.19:26-27. Your home is the No.1 church you must pastor.
Other ministers and speakers at the summit include the Presiding Pastor of Word Place for all Nations, Ibadan, Rev. Sam Akpeji, The Senior Pastor of Firstlight Christian Centre, Lagos, Pastor Mike Ethapemi, Pastors Isaiah Jayeoba and Adewale Aderibigbe of the Livingspring Chapel International, Ibadan, Stephen Dauda, Ademola Adedeji, ThankGod Ocheho and Segun Aluya. The summit which was characterised by drama sketches, special choir renditions and interactive session attracted heads of ministries, pastors and other participants from Ibadan, Sagamu, Lagos, the Redeemed Christian Bible College community, staff and student-leaders of the Redeemer’s University. Certificates of participation were later presented at the end of the summit.
The bi-annual conference came to a close with a prophetic declaration by the Chaplain of the Redeemer’s University and Pastor in Charge of the Chapel of Holiness, Redemption Camp, Pastor Olugbenga Akosile.


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