Testimonies from the MAY 2012 Strategic Leadership Summit

The blessings of the May 2012 edition of the strategic leadership summit are beyond just paper expressions. To God be the glory.
Pastor Olugbenga Akosile
I am excited to hear it again in this summit that I am a home maker and that God expects so much from me as a wife in the area of communication, keeping my marital covenant in child-raising, my character and communion (fellowship) with my husband. I bless God for this gathering.
Mrs. Adedeji Ibukunoluwa.
I came to understand through this inspired programme that marriage is God’s project and then, the ‘how’ of making a peaceful home. It also dawned on me that sound character is fundamental to Christian relationship. I bless God for the summit.
Oretika Emmanuel.
More revelations, fresh insights. A refreshing of the soul and spirit. Practical advice and tips. Oh what a blessing, it was.
Bro. Tolu Haastrup,
The summit on wholeness in the home was a major addition to me, particularly the talk on “From delay to a relay race.’ The message boosted my courage in life as it opened my eyes to see that it may be rough at the beginning but that all will be well in the end.
Etaike Riman
Glory be to God. This programme has refocused me, particularly on the relevance of prayer in a successful home.
Bro. Leke Oluwalogbon.
The summit has truly blessed me. I have learnt how to be a virtuous and true woman. It also became clear to me how to treat and relate well with others in order to have a fulfilling home. I came to know how God can be invited to one’s home.
Isokon Yinka Egbe
God stepped into my situation through his anointed servants. And God’s deliverance on my way to this programme is certainly a further proof of God’s hand upon this summit. I thank God Almighty.

Pastor Akinlade-Daniel Gabriel
I appreciate God for the life of the organizers. I look forward to attending more of the summits before my marriage. The summit has taught me that it is advisable to prepare well for marriage, no matter what it takes. Blessed be the name of the Lord.
Adeniji Olusola Paul
I have been richly blessed by the summit. God used the conference to respond to specific areas of my life. I was able to gain more insight into some hitherto grey issues. May God be praised.
Adeuja Ayanfeoluwa.
This summit has blessed me tremendously, especially in the area of relationship, because I am still waiting and I need the direction and help of God.
Omini Ofem
The May strategic conference sums up different experiences and expectations that I am believing God for. May the Lord bless the conveners and the supporters.
Dickson Okala Ezekiel.
Virtually all the sessions have ministered to the exact situation I have been passing through and I am lifted.
David Ayobami
I have dreaded the possibility of missing my path in marriage but this summit has helped me to know that no woman can marry my husband; neither can any one be the wife I am made to be.
Oluwayemi Jumoke
I thank God for the lives of Pastor and Mrs. Mark Ighile and other ministers of God that have blessed us in this summit. I have learnt how to move from the impossible to the possible.
Adebusayo Ogunsanya


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