Summary of the MAY 2012 Strategic Leadership Summit

Stories compiled by Sarah Yusuf
The Senior Pastor of Sanctuary Praise Church Ibadan Rev. Kunle Ogunyemi has observed that Nigeria will be a better place to live in when fatherhood and true leadership take their rightful place in the scheme of things. According to him the challenges in the country today are partly traceable to the dilemma at the home front, stressing that where the father cannot lead, love, provide, and train his household then there is cause for alarm, stressing that every man should be spiritually higher than his wife so that as the head, he can nourish her as a part of his own body, because when two people are married they become one flesh
Earlier in his welcome address, the convener of the summit, Pastor Mark Ighile, while acknowledging the presence of everyone present, highlighted two fundamental questions.
• What is the relationship between leadership and the home?
• Why do we need to beam our search light on the home at a time like this?
According to the university don cum pastor, leadership is an exemplary lifestyle and any leader found culpable would have his integrity called to questioning. He also encouraged the young leaders present to prepare well for their future homes so that they would not have to regret in the years ahead. He urged the Christian women to play well their roles as home makers or else the family system would be famished.
The first lecture entitled Preparing for the Home was delivered by Mrs. Sharon Ighile, wife of the president of the academy and co-convener of the summit. According to her, building the home is exclusively God’s original concept. In her words “if the foundation of the home is not solid and God –centred, it cannot stand’’. She spoke on the Christian courtship as a period when an intending couple gets to know each other properly. Mrs. Sharon gave tips on a successful marriage such as spiritual preparation, communication, humility, mutual respect and financial stability, and concluded with a prayer session.
The second speaker, Pastor Kolade Ajayi, ministered on a touching message styled From Delay to a Relay Race. He explained that though delay is an epidemic that weakens and wearies the body and soul, it can at times, be a blessing in disguise. He then went ahead to give three possible sources of delay namely, demonic affliction, seed of disobedience and the human factor. According to Pastor Ajayi, anytime God allows a delay for those of his children who are obedient and heavenly focused, it is for a purpose. God is either preparing something great, or preventing that which is capable of causing pain to pass. He concluded by saying that delay, in one form or the other, is common to all and so to overcome it, no one should specialize in it, rather everyone should endeavour to have hope in God in order to cope in times of trials. While stressing that those who do not cope ultimately go for the rope, the reverend gentleman urged everyone to stand in faith and not to say what they see but rather what they want to see.
Pastor Mrs. Elizabeth Akosile; an educationist and wife of the Chaplain of the Redeemer’s University, was the third speaker. In her highly detailed ministration captioned The Home Maker, she painted, by the Scriptures, the picture of an ideal home and the roles of a home maker. According to the Bible-based marriage counselor, since the home is expected to be a place of succor where the soul finds rest, the home maker should give her best to ensure that the marriage is heaven on earth. She then urged everyone to learn to forgive in marriage, adding that when there is agreement in marriage, the relationship is bound to make radical progress. In her own words “As a woman, watch your tongue, don’t tear your home down with evil words, always remember that you are a home maker.” She concluded.
As part of the interactive session, single couples were asked to get to know each other and a competition was set between a married couple (The Adedejis) and two single couples. This session was anchored by Tolu Haastrrup and monitored by Pastor Akosile, the Chaplin of the Redeemers University. Praise sessions and special numbers were presented by the wife of the Assistant Chaplain, Pst Mrs. Oghali Alakija and Pst. Mrs Joy Ocholi while Ademola Adedeji, Ope Adesina, Jimi Folasade, Afolabi Toluwase, Kobah Popnen moderated the programme. The concluding prayer and prophetic sessions were moderated by Pastor Olugbenga Akosile, Chaplain of the Redeemer’s University and the Convener of the summit, Pastor (Dr.) Mark Ighile.


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  1. Sarah, this is a brilliant piece. We’re very proud of you and all ur accomplishments. May God continually favour you. All d best Dear.

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