My first testimony is that I enjoyed the presence of God in another dimension at the summit. I also learnt that as a pastor, I must be conscious of language use and usage. Besides, I got insight on the integrity of the writer and the minister of the gospel. I thank God for making it possible for me to attend the meeting Adeyeye Temilade.  RCBC, RCCG Camp.

This summit has helped to educate me on the fact that I should not write in flesh but in spirit. As a writer, I am to ensure that my works inspire others and not confuse them. I have also learnt that the minister who communicates intelligently will command the respect of his audience, and that Jesus Christ was an interesting speaker. Ewejobi Dorcas Iranwo-Oluwa, RUN, Mowe.

The last leadership summit was really a blessing to me. I saw clearly from the teaching of Pastor Ighile the place of right use of words in the effective communication of the gospel. I also learnt the need to connect to God’s heart. I bless God for the programme. Pst. Emmanuel Chukwuemeka, Abeokuta.

I thank God for the organizers of the summit. I was touched as if I have never listened or heard anything about communication before. It was an eye-opener for me. God bless the ministry of the convener in Jesus Name. Amen. Mrs T.O.M. Folorunso, RUN, Mowe.

The last leadership summit was a major blessing to me. It made me to understand the strength of a leader. I have come to realize that communication is a vital tool of the ministry and which I must master. I have also discovered that not every word we speak is right and that the right word spoken in due season can attract favour from God and man. Amoh Joy Mercy, RCBC, RCCG Camp. 

I used to have a dream of publishing a newspaper for Teens. I had forgotten all about it until this leadership summit on Publishing and Creative Evangelism. Thank God for this programme, and may the Almighty help me. I had dreams to write, big dreams indeed. May they come to pass. Nebe Jane.  RUN, Mowe.

This strategic leadership summit has really blessed me. It is true that we learn everyday and I have learnt some new things especially in publishing, creative evangelism and integrity. I bless God for the organizers of this empowerment meeting. Mrs. Dorothy Otuechere, Redeemers Schools, RCCG Camp. 

I learnt from the summit that the right word brings peace and love while wrong speech destroys relationship both with God and man. May the Lord bless Pastor Mark Ighile. The event also opened my eyes to the truth that people could actually desire to listen to me if I used the right words at the right time and for the right audience. I surely need grace to tap into the resources of God from where flow the right words. Fidelis Uchechukwu, RUN, Mowe.


 The leadership summit is a programme I have been privileged to be involved in both at the planning and organising stages.  As an organiser, I have been blessed by the visionary quality and exemplary lifestyle of the convener. The process of planning and organizing has enhanced my leadership skills and my ability to work with people to achieve maximum results. As a participant, my vision has been broadened by the various teachings from the different guest speakers. Specifically, the teaching on communication in leadership gave me an in depth understanding of what it takes to communicate effectively as a leader. And since then, the principles have been working for me. ThankGod Ocheho, United Kingdom.

The strategic leadership summit has been a blessing to me. The teachings I got from the past summits are currently helping me as a leader in God’s vineyard. Wherever I go in the world, I will always come for the summit. As a matter of fact, If you’re not at the summit, you are nowhere. (Folasade Adejimi, Brothers’ Coordinator, Nigerian Christian Corpers’ Fellowship, Umuahia, Abia State and Presenter of People & Places at Vision Africa 104.1 FM, Umuahia)

I have had to listen to the messages of the last leadership summit and I can remember the teaching by Pastor Mark, I quote him, “We have in the majority leaders that lack integrity, leaders who are intimidated by the successes of their followers, we are to run away from such leaders”. Rev Victor emphasized the importance of submission when we go to other countries for outreach or missions as that is very crucial to cross cultural integrity .I can never forget Rev Wole’s inspirational message and the instruction he gave on self reflection, instead of pointing fingers as others as subjects of the ministration. In all, the leadership summit has awakened and stirred me up and I take possession of everywhere I go, even now that I am on national assignment. I am excited to be a part of the leadership ministry. God bless Pastor Mark for the vision. Philip Olabisi, NYSC, Abuja.

The Strategic Leadership Summit impacted greatly on my leadership development while I was on campus as it exposed me to time tested truths about the demands, benefits and dynamics of leadership; and also helped me see leadership from the perspectives of experienced and proven leaders themselves. This experience has opened me up to several opportunities such as my being nominated to speak for my platoon in a debate competition for the entire NYSC 2011 Batch C. It also helped me to facilitate an in-house staff training session on behalf of the Managing Director of the organization I work with, facilitate sessions at my Community Development Service group meetings; speaking to over a thousand corp members on subjects ranging from love to the effective deployment of social networking. It’s been truly rewarding being a participant at the summits and I hope God keeps me coming and increases the summit and its organizers in leaps and bounds in Jesus name. Segun Aluya, NYSC, Lagos. .



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