Testimonies fro…

Testimonies from Previous Leadership Summits

I can testify to the truth that our students are the first beneficiaries of the great things happening at the strategic leadership/ministers summits. I thank God for the convener and facilitator.

-Deacon Lekan Adeyemi, S.A.O. RCBC

The last ministers’ breakfast summit made specific impact on my life. I recall that during that programme, there was an interactive session which enabled participants to make new friends. It is instructive to testify that the contact established that day has produced a number of fruits, one of which was the admission of my close one in a reputable bible college.

-Bro Ope, Bible Study Coordinator, RUN Chapel.

When God calls a man, there will always be proofs. The maiden ministers’ breakfast summit last October was a major boost to the ministry of Pastor Mark. I felt the presence of God myself at that meeting. The Lord organized it himself.

-Debo Odewumi, Founding Pastor, The Truth Assembly, Ibadan.

The October ministers’ summit was a bang. I have not yet recovered from it. Rev. Wole Owolabi came and scattered everywhere in righteousness. He drew us to the basics of Christian life and living. Hear Pastor Mark too: “Some ministers behave as if they have already concluded that God is dead” .Thank God for the vision.

-Bro Phillip, Graduate and former President, RUN Chapel.

I sensed the touch of God during the ministrations at the ministers’ breakfast summit last October. Thank God I came all the way from Abeokuta to be part of the great move of God. May the Lord bless Strategic Leadership Academy.

-Paul Chukwuamaka, Founding Pastor, Divine Power Chapel, Abeokuta.

I thank God for the opportunity created by the summit to interact with the fundamentals of Christian ethics, and then meet senior friends such as Rev. Wole Owolabi and Pastor Ademola Richards that one has lost contact with over a long time. The strategic leadership academy is really fulfilling its purpose. Praise God.

            Pastor Kolade Ajayi, Ibadan.

I thank God I did not miss the ministers summit. God used Rev. Owolabi and other ministers to speak to me. I admire the humility and simplicity of Rev. Victor Amosun. My God, when are we going to have something like that again?

-Bro.Jimi, Graduate and former Prayer Coordinator, RUN Chapel.


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