2011 May Stra…


2011 May Strategic Leadership Summit.

The Student Affairs Officer of the Redeemed Christian Bible College, Redemption Camp, Lekan Adeyemi, has observed that the church today is in a desperate need for good leaders. According to him, when we pray to God for a change, He makes us the solution to the problem. God’s normal way of bringing His kingdom to earth, he explained,  is by finding people who would serve Him whole heartedly, stressing that the strategic conference  was not man’s idea but God’s design to cause a paradigm shift in our totality as people who have the capacity to lead. The Bible scholar made these submissions on Saturday May 14, 2011 in his paper presentation entitled “The Leader and His Ministry” at the Strategic Leadership Summit organized by the Strategic Leadership Academy.

Earlier, while welcoming the participants, the convener of the summit and President of the Academy, Mark Ighile had spoken on the theme of the conference: “The Total Leader” and explained that a total leader is a well-rounded personality that tries to live above board in virtually every area of life. While he may not, strictly speaking, be perfect, he possesses the attributes of someone that is not easily culpable. The total leader, according to the university lecturer and facilitator,  takes Jesus Christ as his standard example, and as a protégée of Christ, he knows fully well that ‘the prince of this world’ would come to test the stuff that he is made of. He is, however, confident of the fact just as they failed in locating any loophole in his mentor; he is also expected to be victorious. In other words, the total leader has the capacity to frustrate every effort made by his detractors. Pastor Ighile then went ahead to cite 3 John 2 to amplify three basic issues as follows:

1. That total leadership is indicative of overall success. No leader has excuse for failure. A leader must have good fruits to show in his chosen area of endeavour. While this does not necessarily  imply that the leader must be absolutely impeccable in all his assignments, he must however, keep on working on his business until it works. This is imperative because the product he exhibits is success, and not failure.

2. The vital place of healthy living. Whoever is not medically fit will ultimately end up as a mediocre in the affairs of life. It is not enough to have brilliant ideas, it is not enough to strategize, as good as that may also be, it is not even enough to know exactly what to do—you must have a good body to push a good idea to reality.

3. The necessity of spiritual development and success. The ultimate is to please God and be relevant in His kingdom.

The paper entitled “Christian Leaders in a Corporate World” was presented by the President of Motlead Projects, Lagos, Ademola Richards. According to him, the expectation of our Lord Jesus Christ is that in our interaction with non Christians, we are expected to influence and impart their lives. In his words: “Our lives should make people want to make us their mentors”, adding that the corporate world is a place where one could easily compromise the Christian faith hence the need to stand one’s  ground like Daniel and thereby be  a solution provider and not a job seeker. He concluded that the strong leader must be focused and be spirit filled.

Quite touching was the presentation by Dr. Lawrence Essien, senior medical officer of the Redeemer’s University who spoke on “Healthy Living for the Assignment”. According to him, many people suffer illnesses that they should not be exposed to, in the first instance, but for ignorance. He stressed that no matter how ambitious an individual can be, such a person will be incapacitated if the health conditions are not in good order. He then went ahead to highlight some common sicknesses and the steps to take in order to avoid them.

Tope Popoola of the Haggai Institute, Singapore spoke on the general theme of the summit “The Total Leader” and gave a strong insight into total leadership. He posited that courage was not the absence of fear but the capacity to take action in spite of the prevailing challenges. According to him, “everything falls and rises on leadership”, and cited the case of Africa which is arguably the richest country but, due to bad leadership, has not been able to process properly the available resources. He then gave an acronym of leadership to imply l-love,e-end,a-adaptability,d-delegation,e-enigmatic,r-relationship management ,s-security h-humility, i-innovativeness and  p-possibility. He concluded by advising participants to follow a strong leader who has direction and a destiny.

The prayer session was coordinated by the District Pastor of Gospel Faith Mission, Lagos, Pastor Kole Ayejusunle and assisted by R.S. Dauda and G.G. Daramola. ThankGod Ocheho anchored the entire session. Participants were drawn from the staff and students of the Redeemer’s University, the Redeemed Christian Bible College, and the Abeokuta -Ibadan-Lagos axis of Christian leaders and professionals.


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