Power for Srategic Relevance




  Relevance in life and ministry is a function of power. Without the dimension of supernatural power, life can be reduced to powder. Below is the outline of my ministration at the Strategic Leadership Summit organised by Mosam World Communications with assistance from the Redeemer’s University Chapel which took place on October 4,2008 at the New University Auditorium, Redeemer’s University, Nigeria. The main texts were 1sam. 16:1 Acts. 2:1-2, 10:38, 2 Tim. 2:20. Welcome to the school of empowerment.


 A Conceptual Framework

To be empowered means:

-A divine enablement

-A superior mantle

-A higher mandate to perform

-To be specially advantaged

-To carry the presence of God.


The Necessity of Power 

– To facilitate victory

In 1Samuel 16:13, David was anointed, and by implication empowered. In the next chapter ie 1Samuel 17 50-52, he defeated Goliath.

– Effectiveness in life and ministry.

Elisha became effective when he had an encounter with Elijah’s mantle

.2 Kings 2.

– Success in every endeavour.

Peter laboured for long without success until he contacted the empowered word. Luke 5:1-7.

– Courage for multiplication.

The Apostles that were hidden in a room suddenly became bold drawing thousands to Christ after a release of power. Acts 2:


Those Relevant for a Season

A.   Samson: He was relevant until immorality cut him down.

B.    Saul was great until disobedience leveled him

C.   . Lucifer was mighty before pride humbled him

D.    Eli was great but crashed on home grounds.


 Contacting and Sustaining Power


1.     Be in Christ. John 1:12.

2.     Be conscious of God’s presence. Exodus 33:15.

3.     Regular self-purging. 2Timothy 2:21.

4.     Avoid pride. 1Peter 5:5b

5.   Obey God. Obedience is better  than sacrifice.



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