The Road To Greatness

On February 8, 2008, the management team of the Redeemer’s University, Nigeria, held a retreat in which the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E.A. Adeboye and other ministers of the gospel were invited to speak. This is a presentation of an edited version of Pastor Adeboye’s ministration which is relevant to everyone who desires to be a leader.</p>

Greatness is not a sudden phenomenon. It does not slam itself on just anybody. It takes a process and whoever is ready to pay the price, get the rise. Let us consider some of the pillars in the school of greatness.
Vision.: The journey to greatness starts with a clear-cut vision. To be great, you must first and foremost picture it. The vision for the Redeemer’s University came as far back as 1979, during my contact with Oral Roberts University.
From that time, I have had an idea of a university without strikes, an institution that would be void of cult activities, a university that would be entirely Christian and indicative of divinity; a university that would produce quality graduates who would in turn create jobs instead of looking for what to do.
I pictured a higher institution where staff and students would be casting out demons, healing the sick and bringing the dead back to life in the name and power of Jesus Christ. Thank God, the vision is beginning to find expression today. Greatness is a function of vision.(Gen. 13:14-15, Prov29:18).
Faith:. Whoever wants to be great must believe God for who he is. Abraham’s greatness was a direct reflection of his faith in God. Because Abraham believed God, the Almighty went all the way to prove himself strong in his life .The truth is that faith puts the individual on the same platform with God. It therefore, goes without saying, that whoever is on the same level with God is great. (Mk 923, John11:40,Heb. 11:6).
Commitment. Those who truly desire to be great must be committed to what they are doing. I started living in the Redemption Camp in 1985. Even though there was really nothing on ground at that time, I settled down to do my work.
It is commitment that puts one’s name in the history book of relevance. It is not always easy to be remembered, particularly if one is not the first person to have a breakthrough in a given field, area or place. It takes commitment, not only to get to the top, but also for one’s name to be registered in gold (2 Sam. 23:14-16,John 10:1-13).
Diligence: A major tool for greatness. is diligence . The man who is great is so referred to because he enjoys work. There is no room for indolence in the school of success. It takes, for instance, diligent seeking to get reward from God..(Heb:11:6) and it is only those who are diligent in their business that can stand and dine with kings.( Prov.22:29).
Focused Determination: The bible makes it so clear that whoever is defocused and inconsistent is not fit for the kingdom, neither is he qualified for greatness. (LK.9:62) while in Phil. 3:13-14, Apostle Paul emphasized the dynamics of focus.
Nothing pays like focused determination. I like to urge everyone working with me to stay. Make up your mind to remain with me. Nobody stays with me and regret. Those who have been working me for quite sometime now can testify to that, to the glory of God.
Unity : There is nothing that can prevent a united group from attaining greatness(.Gen.11:1-6). When I became the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, this issue of unity was very strong in my heart. I thank God for his faithfulness. At the core of greatness is a team spirit. A divided body cannot suddenly end up on top. Let us work together for a great tomorrow. (Mat.18:19.).
Prayer. The road to greatness is that of constant interaction with God. Abraham was always in tune with God. He knew he couldn’t do anything without his father. There is no alternative to prayer. (John 15:5).
Conclusion. People have always wanted to know the secret of God’s hand upon my life. It is prayer and fasting. But at the core of it is HOLINESS .When you hunger after holiness and make it your utmost desire to obey God, the Almighty will make make you great. Let God testify to it that you are trying to be holy. (Psa. 66:18)


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